300 years of botanical illustration
300 years of botanical illustration: Australia

By Helen Hewson


Published in 1999 by CSIRO Publishing, colour, hard cover, 228 pages


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ISBN 0643063668 or ISBN 9780643063662

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The history of illustration of Australian plants is a rich and fascinating story in which the exploits of early explorers, botanists, naturalists, gardeners and artists are closely associated with the discovery, exploration and development of the country itself.


This book tells the story of those first steps in collecting and recording Australian plants for science. It describes the history of scientific plant classification as well as the establishment of botanic gardens, herbaria and botanical science within Australia. As well, it reveals the development of the art of illustrating plants and of the methods of reproducing those illustrations.


With more than 160 illustrations drawn from major herbaria and museums in both Europe and Australia, the book provides a unique overview of the way in which Australia's plants have been depicted over three centuries.


About the author


Helen Hewson was born in Benalla and raised on a farm in the Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria. Stimulated by the native plants around, and encouraged to pursue a career in botany, she went on to study at the University of Sydney where she obtained her Ph.D.


Teaching and research work led her to join the Australian Biological Resources Study on the production of the Flora of Australia - progressively as a researcher, writer, illustrator, editor and manager. From 1995 to 1997 she was Deputy Director of the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research in Canberra, which embraces the Australian National Herbarium.


Passionate about botanical art and illustration, she has previously co-authored 'Flower Paintings of Ellis Rowan' (1982) and 'The Hunter Sketchbook' (1988). Her first botanical paintings were exhibited in 1999.


Table of contents


Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales


1. The art of illustration

2. Discovery

3. Colonisation

4. The French impression

5. The Banksia collectors

6. Hooker, Lindley and the private collectors

7. Establishment

8. Ferdinand von Mueller

9. Joseph Maiden and the floras

10. The revival


Botanical nomenclature