Estuary plants
Estuary plants and what's happening to them in South-East Australia

Edited by Geoff Sainty


Published in 2012 by Sainty and Associates, colour photographs, maps and illustrations, hard cover,656 pages


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ISBN 9780958105538


This book is split into two sections, the first, a field guide, gives detailed species information about plants that grow in estuaries and protected saline areas along the coast of south-east Australia. Plants covered include seagrasses, algae, mangroves, lowmarsh and highmarsh plants and more. The second half of this book contains 23 chapters written by specialists on management, monitoring, rehabilitation, case histories, and ecological threats faced by this region.

Table of contents


•  Introduction - Paul Adam

•  Estuarine micro-algae-an overview - Jo Green, Claudia Catterall, Jason Sonneman

•  Blooms and invasions of macro-algae in estuarine systems - Sharon Cummins, Tim Glasby, Danny Roberts

•  Algae - Alan Millar

•  Seagrasses of south-east Australia-an introduction - Hugh Kirkman, John Kuo

•  Seagrasses - John Kuo, Hugh Kirkman , Geoff Sainty, Surrey Jacobs

•  Mangroves of south-east Australia - Norm Duke

•  Mangroves - Norm Duke

•  Low saltmarsh - Geoff Sainty, John Hosking, Geoff Carr, Paul Adam

•  High saltmarsh - Geoff Sainty, John Hosking, Geoff Carr, Paul Adam

•  Brackish - Geoff Sainty, John Hosking, Geoff Carr, Paul Adam

•  Fringing - Geoff Sainty, John Hosking, Geoff Carr

•  Overview of coastal saltmarsh and mangrove vegetation in Victoria - Geoff Carr

•  Inventory of Victorian marine, estuarine and saltmarsh vascular plant species - Geoff Carr


•  Preamble

•   Lake IIlawarra - Kathryn Duchatel, Lex Nielsen

•  Estuary management-a practical perspective - Todd Dickinson

•  Rehabilitation of estuarine habitats - Gee Chapman

•  Methods of mapping estuarine habitat - Greg West, Tim Glasby

•  Bloomin' algae - Alan Millar

•  Detecting and understanding environmental impacts -Tony Underwood

•  Saltmarsh rehabilitation and construction - Geoff Sainty, Danny Roberts

•  Engaging the community and rehabilitating saltmarsh, mangroves and seagrasses - Mia Dalby-Ball, Andre Olson

•  Saltmarsh conservation at Sydney Olympic Park - Swapan Paul, Kerry Darcovich, Andrew Jack

•  Nadgee Lake-challenging preconceptions about pristine estuaries - Peter Scanes, Geoff Coade

•  Icolls and climate change - Philip Haines

•  Sea levels are rising - Reg Morrison

•  Yarrahapinni-the wetlands - Peter Haskins

•  Werribee-Western Lagoon saltmarsh restoration - Jason Sonneman, Will Steele

•  Birds relying on estuary wetlands - Phil Straw

•  Interactions between fish and estuarine plants - Brianna Clynick

•  Impacts of boating on estuarine vegetation - Melanie Bishop

•  Poor fella my estuary - Geoff Hunter

•  Mosquitoes and coastal estuarine wetlands - Cameron Webb, Richard Russell

•  Biting midges associated with estuarine environments- Cameron Webb, Martin Shivas, Clive Easton

•  The dark side - Geoff Sainty, Kate Jennings

•  Streamwatch and the Cooks River Community - Gayle Adams