A field guide to Australian fungi
A field guide to Australian fungi

By Bruce Fuhrer


First published 2005, reprinted with revisions in December 2016 by Bloomings Books, colour, gatefold cover, 360 pages


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ISBN 9781876473518

The 2005 first edition of this book was the first major, definitive field guide covering more than 500 fungi species with 548 superb colour photographs. All fungi are photographed in their natural environment – many for the first time with information on fungal biology, ecology, classification, distribution, roles of fungi in nature, and spore prints.

Descriptions cover size, range, shape, habitat information as well as spore print colour, spore descriptions and a pictorial guide to groups. A revised version in 2009 contained many revisions and now this 2016 version includes a major review of nomenclature which resulted in nearly 100 further name changes and new species. The book now includes all these changes plus a Schedule of Recent Name Changes for ease of referral.

A Field Guide to Australian Fungi is the culmination of a lifetime of field work and study and the most comprehensive photographic field guide on Australian fungi yet published.


About the author

Bruce Fuhrer is a highly regarded botanical photographer and author. In 1989 he was awarded the Australian Natural History Medallion. In 1991 he received an honorary M.Sc. from Monash University in Melbourne, where he worked for nearly 25 years in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. On his retirement in 1996 he was appointed an Honorary Research Associate at Monash. He is co-author and illustrator of several other botanical publications.


Table of contents



Pictorial guide to groups

Section 1: Basidiomycota

1.1 Fungi with simple gills

1.2 Fungi with forked gills

1.3 Fleshy pore-fungi

1.4 Coral fungi

1.5 Puff-balls and allies

1.6 Underground or truffle-like fungi

1.7 Spine fungi

1.8 Woody pore-fungi

1.9 Leathery shelf-fungi

1.10 Trumpet fungi

1.11 Jelly fungi

Section 2: Ascomycota

Section 3: Myxomycota


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