Field guide to native plants of Sydney
Field guide to the native plants of Sydney revised 3rd edition

By Les Robinson


This edition published in 2003 by Kangaroo Press, black and white illustrations, soft cover, 448 pages


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ISBN 0731812115 or ISBN 9780731812110

Sydney's best known and invaluable field guide to native plants, with over 1370 species illustrated and described. Information on the history, ecology, Aboriginal and European uses of each plant, together with references to literature and the journals of explorers. This field guide opens up Sydney’s extraordinary rich flora to plant lovers, students, bushwalkers, gardeners and environmentalists.


About the author

Les Robinson studied law at Sydney University, but went on to become a cartoonist, helping found Streetwize Comics. His interest in botany grew from a love of bushwalking. His first plant specimens, stored in plastic, rotted, so he turned to drawing them instead. This became an obsession. After 700 drawings it occurred to him that he ‘could make the book he wished someone had made for him’. He spent the next three years living on the south coast, working on the book and helping fight sand mining at Gerroa. He now works as a campaign consultant on environmental and social issues in Sydney.



Foreword by John Dengate

Using the field guide


The plants:

   Dicotyledons [pages 22-225]

   Monocotyledons [pages 226-302]

   Primitive plants [pages 303-322]

   Separate groups [pages 323-434]