Flora of Australia series
Flora of Australia series

Executive editor A.S. George


Co-published by CSIRO Publishing and the Australian Biological Resources Study

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The Flora of Australia series documents the families, genera, and species of flowering plants, conifers, ferns, mosses, liverworts and lichens of Australia and its oceanic islands. The fungi and algae will be treated in the companion series Fungi of Australia and Algae of Australia.

This landmark project will eventually comprise more than 60 volumes covering almost 30,000 species, systematically arranged by family. 

Each descriptive volume summarises the current knowledge of 200 to over 600 species, providing descriptions of taxa at all ranks. Valuable keys aid identification of families, genera, species and infra-species. For each species, there are full Australian synonymies, along with distribution maps, bibliographic information, and notes ecology and variation. The volumes are richly illustrated in both colour and black-and-white.

"...in a comparative review of 24 floras the Flora of Australia was ranked 'among the very best' of floras worldwide." 
Taxon, Vol 48, 1999.


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Flora of Australia titles still available:


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Volume 12. Mimosaceae (excluding Acacia), Caesalpiniaceae, published in 1998, hard cover $A84.95, soft cover $A74.95

Volume 17A. Proteaceae 2: Grevillea, published in 2000, hard cover $A99.95

Volume 18. Podostemaceae to Combretaceae, published in 1990, hard cover $A69.95, soft cover $A54.95

Volume 26. Meliaceae, Rutaceae and Zygophyllaceae, published in 2013, hard cover $A170.00, soft cover $A130.00

Volume 35. Brunoniaceae, Goodeniaceae, published in 1992, hard cover $A64.95, soft cover $A49.95

Volume 37. Asteraceae 1, published in 2015, hard cover $A170.00, soft cover $A130.00

Volume 39. Alismatales to Arales, published in 2011, hard cover $A130.00, soft cover $A110.00

Volume 43. Poaceae 1 Introduction and Atlas, published in 2002, hard cover $A115.00. soft cover $A99.95

Volume 44A. Poaceae 2, published in 2009, hard cover $A140.00, soft cover $A115.00

Volume 44B. Poaceae 3, published in 2005, hard cover $A140.00, soft cover $A115.00

Volume 49. Oceanic Islands I, published in 1994, hard cover $A79.95

Volume 50. Oceanic Islands II, published in 1993, hard cover $A69.95, soft cover $A54.95

Volume 51. Mosses 1, published in 2006, hard cover $A130.00, soft cover $A105.00

Volume 54. Lichens: Introduction, Lecanorales I, published in 1992, soft cover $A49.95

Volume 55. Lichens: Lecanorales 2, Parmeliaceae, published in 1994, soft cover $A64.95

Volume 56A. Lichens 4, published in 2004, hard cover $A99.95, soft cover $A84.95

Volume 57. Lichens 5, published in 2009, hard cover $A190.00, soft cover $A150.00


Volumes out of print

Volume 1. Introduction 2nd edition, 1999

Volume 2 Winteraceae to Plantanaceae, 2007

Volume 3. Hamamelidales to Casuarinales, 1998

Volume 4. Phytolaccaceae to Chenopodiaceae, 1984

Volume 8. Lecythidales to Batales, 1982

Volumes 11A & 11B. Mimosaceae, Acacia, 2001

Volume 16. Elaeagnaceae, Protaceae 1, 1995

Volume 17B. Proteaceae 3: Hakea to Dryandra, 1999

Volume 19. Myrtaceae: Eucalyptus, Angophora, 1988

Volume 22. Rhizophorales to Celastrales, 1984

Volume 25. Melianthaceae to Simaroubaceae, 1985

Volume 28. Gentianales, 1996

Volume 29. Solanaceae, 1982

Volume 45. Hydatellaceae to Liliaceae, 1987

Volume 46. Iridaceae to Dioscoreaceae, 1986

Volume 48. Ferns, Gymnosperms and Allied Groups, 1998


Flora of Australia Supplementary Series


This series comprises bibliographic, monographic, nomenclatural and compendium works considered to be basic references for the research underlying the Flora of Australia and are published on an occasional basis by the Flora Section of ABRS.


Titles are soft cover, series ISSN 13232169 (add $A13.50 postage within Australia, overseas postage please request a quote)


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