In pursuit of plants
In pursuit of plants: experiences of nineteenth and early twentieth century plant collectors

By Philip Short


Published in 2004 by University of WA Press, colour plates, hard cover, 351 pages


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ISBN 1876268980 or ISBN 9781876268985

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A compilation of fascinating first-hand accounts of the experiences of nineteenth and early twentieth century collectors in their pursuit of plants from around the world. Extracted from journals and letters, the accounts are a mix of adventure, of sometimes grim but always captivating and occasionally humorous images of a lost world, and of stories of the practical problems associated with plant collecting.


Illustrated with a selection of nineteenth century botanical art and modern photographs, this book will appeal to professional and amateur botanists, gardeners, and anyone interested in natural history and travel.


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AFRICA: J.R.T. Vogel (1841); R.W. Plant (1851-1852); C. Barter (1857-1859); F.M.J. Welwitsch (1860); J.T. Baines (1861); W.G. Milne (1863-1865).


ASIA: J. Arnold (1818); G.W. & A.W. Walker; J.D. Hooker (1847-1848); R. Fortune (c. 1850-1855); J. Motley (1855); F.W. Burbidge (1878); H.O. Forbes (1878-1883); G. Forrest (1905, c. 1931).


AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: R.W. Lawrence (1833); J. Drummond (1839-1853); W. Colenso (1845); F.W.L. Leichhardt (1844-1845); F.J.H. Mueller (1855-1856); W.E.P. Giles (1872-1874); D. Sullivan (1882); W.B. Spencer (1894); F.J. Gillen (1894); M. Koch (1899-1925); W.A. Mitchell (1903).


EUROPE: P.E. Boissier (1837); J.H. Balfour (1844).


NORTH AMERICA: T. Drummond (1825-1827); D. Douglas (1825-1831); A. Gary (1841); C. Geyer (1843-1844).


CENTRAL AMERICA & SOUTH AMERICA: G.U. Skinner (1837-1841); F.W. Hostmann (1838-1843); T.L. Bridges (1844-1845); R. Spruce (1852-1854).


OCEANS & ISLANDS: J.D. Hooker (1841-1842); W.G. Milne (1855-1856); B.C. Seeman (1860)


Appendices: Plant names, Herbaria, The Wardian Case

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