More crop weeds
More crop weeds

By M.R. Moerkerk and A.G. Barnett


Published in 1998 by R.G. and F.J. Richardson, colour, soft cover, 124 pages


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ISBN 0958743924 or ISBN 9780958743921

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As cropping areas have expanded and rotations have become more diverse in southern Australia many new weeds and crops are being encountered by growers. More crop weeds has been produced as an aid to the identification of these new weeds.


More crop weeds comprehensively describes 90 weeds species, not previously covered by the earlier book Crop weed. Where appropriate, descriptions are included for life cycle, cotyledons, the first leaves through to the mature plant. Illustrations follow the plant from the seed through the seedling stage to the mature plant and also highlight key diagnostic features. More than 300 colour and 90 black and white photographs, and 300 line drawings are included making accurate identification of these plants easy.


More crop weeds is a companion to the popular Crop weeds. It's 25 narrow leaf (monocotyledons) and 65 broad leaf (dicotyledons) weed descriptions brings the total number of weeds covered by both references to 207. More crop weeds includes two keys to assist in identification of seedlings in which all the species in Crop weeds and More crop weeds are covered. The keys allow for quick and simple identification of seedlings that can be confirmed by referring to the listed pages in each book.


Crop weeds and More crop weeds are essential manuals for farmers, agricultural research and extension agencies, universities and colleges, and companies offering services to the rural community.


About the authors


At the time this book was written the authors were employed by Agriculture Victoria, a business of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, located at the Victorian Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Horsham.


Michael Moerkerk, a weeds research agronomist, is involved in integrated pest management (weeds) throughout Victoria. He wrote and compiled the text, expanded the narrow leafed key from crop weeds, developed the broad leafed key and produced the excellent photographs of the plants and their seeds. Michael has developed seedling weed identification workshops for farmers based on Crop weeds and More crop weeds.


Allan Barnett has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture) from Melbourne University Longerenong Campus. He prepared the meticulous drawings in this book. Allan has also co-authored and illustrated other books on weed identification including Crop weeds by J.L. Wilding, A.G. Barnett and R.L. Amor and Grasses of temperate Australia by C.A. Lamp, S.J. Forbes and J.W. Cade (2nd edition Bloomings Books).


Table of contents



Narrow leafed weeds

Key to vegetative features of narrow leafed weeds

Broad leafed weeds

Key to the identification of broad leafed weeds in their early growth stages

Legumes key

Narrow leafed weeds - descriptions and illustrations (pages 19-48)

Broad leafed weeds - descriptions and illustrations (pages 49-119)