Native trees and shrubs
Native trees and shrubs of south-eastern Australia

By Leon Costermans


First published in 1981 (revised 1983, reprinted with addendum 2009) by Reed New Holland, colour and b&w, soft cover, 440 pages


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ISBN 9781877069703

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South-eastern Australia has a tremendous diversity of plant life as well as many fascinating land features. Native trees and shrubs of south-eastern Australia records such aspects of the land and its vegetation, using a style which is scientifically accurate, but which will be readily understood by the non-specialist. It not only describes virtually all the species of native trees and larger shrubs in this area, but it relates their occurrences to features of their environments - events of the past, geology, landforms, soil and climatic conditions.


In a systematic sequence, every species is illustrated and accompanied by a distribution map. Descriptive information is concise and carefully researched. There are more than 300 colour plates, and over 160 black and white photographs.


Some brief descriptions of places of special interest, as well as eight comprehensively illustrated 'Guide-lists', cover the coast, hills and ranges, high mountain country, and various inland areas. These are designed to help anyone exploring such regions to identify trees and shrubs, not only during their flowering periods, but at any time of year. These sections also provide details of ecological settings for the plants.


The wealth of systematically organized information, combined with attractive illustration, makes this book an indispensable aid to any field observer - naturalist, student, or simply interested traveller - who wishes to develop an understanding and appreciation of this part of the Australian continent.


Table of contents




1. Aims, scope and presentation

2. The land and its vegetation

3. Some places of special interest

4. Regional guide-lists

5. Description of species (pages 141- 379)

6. Comments on the major families and genera