Organic control of common weeds
Organic control of common weeds, a safe environment guide, 2nd edition

By Jackie French


Published in 1997 by Aird Books, b&w illustrations, soft cover, 156 pages


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ISBN 0947214518 or ISBN 9780947214517

Nowadays, in conventional gardening and farming, weed 'control' means herbicides: chemicals have replaced good management for fertility and for pest, disease and weed control. We hate weeds. 'Weed' is the ultimate insult. But weeds can also be seen as soil repairers, an essential part of any farm or garden management.


In this completely revised edition of 'Organic control of common weeds', Jackie French shows that weeds can be controlled using your own home-grown, natural herbicides in addition to mulching, solarisation or applications of urine, steam or boiling water - and a multitude of other cheap, environmentally safe and gentle techniques.


Table of contents


Natural weed control

Weed management

Fighting weeds

Using weeds

Common weeds