Planting wetlands and dams
Planting wetlands and dams: a practical guide to wetland design, construction and propagation 2nd edition

By Nick Romanowski


Published in 2009 by Landlinks Press, 126 pages, paperback


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ISBN 9780643096363

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Wetland planting can bring back biodiversity, reduce the impact of drought and flood, improve water quality and conserve beauty in a mismanaged landscape. Planting Wetlands and Dams is a step-by-step, plain language guide to the creation of conditions in which wetland plants will thrive, from design and construction to collecting plants, seeds and propagation.


Completely revised and expanded, this new edition includes comprehensive information for around 200 genera of wetland plants from Tasmania to the tropics, complemented by more than 60 new colour photographs. It discusses the modification and improvement of existing dams, new lining materials available, and planning for plant and animal habitat needs. It provides updated information on legal requirements as well as significant exotic weeds, and examines the pros and cons of establishing new wetlands in dry climates.




• Offers a complete guide for all Australia and covers all the major types of wetlands

• Gives planning advice on establishing new dams and wetlands and habitat restoration in previously drained wetlands

• Covers construction, materials and machinery, water control and treatment, and layout of underwater landscape

• Gives advice on selecting plants, propagation and planting

• Contains detailed information lists for around 200 genera of wetland plants from Tasmania to the tropics


Since it was first published in 1998, Planting Wetlands and Dams has been used widely as a readable, plain-English guide which demystifies the processes and practices of wetland and dam planting. It has been widely accepted by professionals working in the field, and is also found in the libraries of many colleges and universities. After a decade in print, the book has been comprehensively rewritten.


The introductory chapter on wetlands is expanded and includes photographs of each major type of wetland, including those in the Northern Territory. The planning chapter includes updated information on regulations and permits and also examines the pros and cons of establishing new wetlands in otherwise dry climates. The construction chapter includes information on new materials that have recently become available for lining wetlands and dams.


The plant selection chapter elaborates on provenance issues to show the diverse spreading mechanisms found in wetland and saltmarsh plants, and has new information on the important habitat plant Cotula coronopifolia. It will also provide up-to-date information on declared aquatic weeds. Planting Wetlands and Dams will be a useful guide for professionals working in the field, and will also be useful for students and academics at tertiary level whose studies include wetlands, water treatment, habitat restoration, aquaculture and aquatic ecology intersects.


About the author


Zoologist Nick Romanowski has spent three decades working with aquatic plants. His nursery, Dragonfly Aquatics, was the first to specialise in indigenous aquatic and wetland plants, growing species from all parts of Australia. Nick's most recent books include Edible Water Gardens, a worldwide encyclopaedia of edible wetland plants, and Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture.