Plant Protection Quarterly

Volume 26 Issue 2, 2011




Research reports


Predicting the cost of eradication for 41 Class 1 declared weeds in Queensland.

F. Dane Panetta, Steve Csurhes, Anna Markula and Martin Hannan-Jones.  Absract


Seed dynamics of the invasive geophyte Lachenalia reflexa Thunb. in south-west Australia.

Kate Brown and Grazyna Paczkowska.   Absract


Economic and environmental assessment of the performance of reduced rates of two post-emergence herbicides in an arid irrigated production system of central Australia: a pilot study.

Martin Hidalgo, Glen Oliver and S. Raghu.   Absract


Root regenerative ability of silverleaf nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav.) in the glasshouse.

Rex Stanton, Hanwen Wu and Deirdre Lemerle.   Absract


Association between environmental factors and the occurrence of six fumitory species (Fumaria spp. L.) in southern-eastern Australia.

Gertraud M. Norton, Deirdre Lemerle, James E. Pratley and Mark R. Norton.   Absract


Weed control and wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) responses to metribuzin application rate and timing in Iran.

Eskandar Zand, Mohammad Ali Baghestani, Mohsen B. Mesgaran, Reza Pourazr, Mansour Sarani, Masoumeh Younes-abadi and Sahar Mansourian.   Absract


Phytophagous organisms associated with the woody shrub Polygala myrtifolia (Polygalaceae) and their potential for classical biological control in Australia.

Robin J. Adair, Stefan Neser and Val Stajsic.   Absract