Emex australis and dried vine fruit production in Sunraysia

Deidre Pohlner, Sunraysia Horticultural Centre, PO Box 905, Mildura, Victoria 3502, Australia.


Australia is renowned for the production of quality dried sultanas free of contaminants. However, one contaminant which poses a threat to Australia's reputation is Emex australis. Because of the spined nature of the seed, it readily contaminates fruit during the harvest and drying processes conducted on growers properties. Once in the fruit they are difficult to remove despite rigorous cleaning at packing sheds. Controlling E. australis in the vineyard is difficult and costly with growers seeking an alternative control strategy which is cheaper and more effective than cultivation, mulch, cover crops or weedicide.


Plant Protection Quarterly (1996) 11 (4) 150-153.