Dicamba control of Emex australis

Adam Ralph, 18 Southern Terrace, Connolly, Western Australia 6027, Australia.


Dicamba has long been used for the control of Polygonaceae weeds. The high efficacy against Emex australis is one of the major strengths of dicamba in southern Australia. The sulfonylurea group of chemicals also provides good control of Emex, however, there are two main benefits of using dicamba. Firstly, the very short plant back period of dicamba prevents the possibility of residue carryover into the next phase of the crop rotation. Secondly, the long term effects of continued use of Group B chemistry needs to be considered in terms of herbicide resistance. Rotation of herbicide groups is an essential component of Integrated Weed Management. The high efficacy of dicamba, in addition to these two factors, should favour the continued use of dicamba to control Emex.


Plant Protection Quarterly (1996) 11 (4) 157-159.