R.H. Groves, CSIRO Plant Industry and CRC for Weed Management Systems, GPO Box 1600, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia.


Blackberry was introduced deliberately to Australia about 150 years ago, and has arguably become one of the worst weeds in the south of the country. Various methods of control have been applied successfully to blackberry infestations in perennial pasture systems. Blackberry still remains a serious weed, however, especially in natural ecosystems.
The aim of this workshop was to discuss how different methods of control for the species complex known as 'blackberry' may best be integrated into a management system for natural vegetation in southern Australia. New insights into this challenging topic are provided by examining recent developments in the taxonomy, ecology and management of blackberry. Recommendations will also be made for areas of research that may refine an integrated management system for blackberry.


Plant Protection Quarterly (1998) 13 (4) 151-152.