Mapping the future - PMIS and beyond

J.R. Backholer, Keith Turnbull Research Institute, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, PO Box 48, Frankston, Victoria 3199, Australia.


The first microcomputer-based system designed to support pest management within the then Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands was a pest plant database, followed shortly by the Pest Plant and Animal Inventory System (PPAIS) (Lane et al. 1987, 1989). In 1988 a proposal was accepted to redevelop the PPAIS as a corporate application on the Department's wide area network. At that time the name of the application was changed to the Pest Management Information System (PMIS) to more accurately reflect its intended purpose as a strategic management tool rather than an attempted inventory of all weeds and animal pests across the State.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2000) 15 (3) 132.