Chemical control of harungana (Harungana madagascariensis) shrubs in Queensland

Joseph Vitelli and Peter van Haaren, Tropical Weeds Research Centre, Queensland Department of Natural Resources, PO Box 187, Charters Towers, Queensland 4820, Australia


Harungana (Harungana madagascarien-sis Lam. ex Poir), an aggressive exotic pioneering tree species, is currently invading the Wet Tropics World Heritage areas of north Queensland. A chemical trial involving ten herbicides was undertaken to identify effective chemicals to control harungana. For each herbicide, high volume foliar applications of two concentrations were applied. Of the ten herbicides tested, metsulfuron methyl, dicamba, imazapyr and glyphosate produced 100% mortality, at the rates applied, and the higher rate of fluroxypyr and 2,4-D/picloram killed greater than 95% of the treated plants. Metsulfuron and dicamba were the most target specific, while imazapyr, fluroxypyr, 2,4-D/picloram and glyphosate had greater impact on non-target, native flora.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2001) 16 (1) 41-43.