Transcontinental invasions of vascular plants in Australia, an example of natives from south-west Western Australia weedy in Victoria

J.P. Pigott, Agriculture Victoria, Keith Turnbull Research Institute, Ballarto Road, Frankston, Victoria 3199, Australia.


Australian native species have been exported all over the world for horticulture, agroforestry and rehabilitation usages. Regrettably, this extraordinary natural resource has also been the source of many serious environmental weeds. For example, acacias and eucalypts have become highly invasive in South Africa (Stirton 1980), where they have altered fire regimes and impacted water tables. That some of these species are from Western Australia should not be surprising given similar climates, latitude and trade linkages over the years (Marchant 1993). More likely, but less well documented, WA plants have invaded in the opposite direction into south-eastern Australia.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2001) 16 (3) 121-123.