Australian plants as weeds in Victoria

G.W. Carr, Ecology Australia Pty. Ltd., 88B Station Street, Fairfield, Victoria 3078, Australia.


Australian plants are very well known as environmental weeds overseas where they constitute some of the most devastating of all biological invasions. The most recent Census of the Victorian flora (produced by the State Herbarium) lists 3480 indigenous taxa (species, subspecies varieties, forms) and 1142 naturalized, extra-Australian taxa, as well as a few naturalized from other Australian States. Some 16 species are listed in a recently recognized census category: taxa indigenous and naturalized in Victoria; 17 species are listed as naturalized from other states. Recent research has shown that the number of taxa naturalized in Victoria from other states, and taxa indigenous and naturalized is far larger. Approximately 200 taxa of Australian plants have now been recorded as naturalized and the list continues to grow steadily. Of the 200 odd taxa, approximately 64 occur naturally in Victoria, though now naturalized outside their pre-European geographic range.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2001) 16 (3) 124-125.