The effect of various herbicides on Gloriosa superba L. in the Moreton district of Queensland

E.C. Sparkes, S. Grace and F.D. Panetta, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Alan Fletcher Research Station, PO Box 36, Sherwood, Queensland 4075, Australia.


Gloriosa superba L. is an ornamental garden escape that has become naturalized in sandy coastal areas of the Moreton district in Queensland and the northern coast of New South Wales. A herbicide screening trial was conducted at Warana on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Sixteen treatments and a control were set up, with a tank mixture of 2,4-D (200 g a.i. 100 L-1) and metsulfuron-methyl (6 g a.i. 100 L-1) proving the most effective. In plants subjected to treatments containing metsulfuron-methyl, a distinct abscission layer was produced in rhizomes so that while dead tissue was present, adjacent rhizome tissue was unaffected.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2002) 17 (2) 74-76.