Management strategies for preventing weed invasion in urban grasslands

Nicholas S.G. Williams, Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia.

Postal address: School of Botany, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia.


Temperate native grasslands are extremely fragmented, isolated and are often small and have high edge to area ratios. Consequently, they are susceptible to weed invasion particularly in urban landscapes where there is an abundance of weed propagules and high rates of exogenous disturbance. This paper reviews the processes that lead to weed invasion in native grasslands and presents management strategies that can be implemented to reduce it. Management strategies need to reduce nutrient inputs and exogenous disturbances while maintaining regular burning. Managing weeds in the surrounding landscape and protecting native grasslands with buffers are also important.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2005) 20 (1) 12-16.