Review of community awareness at Riverina fruit fly roadblocks in New South Wales in 1998/99

Bernie DominiakA and Idris BarchiaB

A NSW Department of Primary Industries, Locked Bag 21, Orange, New South Wales 2800, Australia.

B NSW Department of Primary Industries, RMB 8, Camden, New South Wales, 2570 Australia.


Travellers at three road side inspection points were asked questions about their knowledge of fruit fl y quarantine. Road signs were the most frequently recalled awareness tool, followed by radio and television. Radio appeared more effective on travellers with hometowns distant to the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone while television was more commonly recalled by travellers from the immediate area near the roadblock sites. Retirees remain the group most likely to carry fruit and were most likely to be influenced by magazines, radio and television but least infl uenced by road signs. Travellers at each of the three inspection sites had different awareness characteristics depending on the trip destination, types of traveller and trip destination. A broad range of awareness tools need to be used as no one tool seems to uniformly influence all types of travellers.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2005) 20 (4) 154-159.