Cost of rapid-response eradication of a recently introduced plant, tropical kudzu (Pueraria phaseoloides), from Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

Alan Tye, Botany Department, Charles Darwin Research Station, Casilla 17-01-3891, Quito, Ecuador.


Eradication feasibility depends on cost, but little information is available on the costs of individual eradication attempts. I report the successful eradication of tropical kudzu Pueraria phaseoloides from Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, in a program that began within one year of its introduction at a single site. I document the elements contributing to the approximately US$1600 total cost of the eradication project, which continued for six years. About 80%
of the total cost was for 108 person-hours of labour and, of this, 75% was search time. Results and case characteristics are compared with other recently reported successful plant eradications.

Keywords: eradication cost, Galapagos, kudzu, plant eradication, Pueraria.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2007) 22 (1) 33-34.