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Books and electronic media related to weed identification, ecology, biology, their management and control and the natural environment.


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Rainforest restoration manual Rainforest restoration manual for south-eastern Australia
Bill Peel

Price $A120.00 plus $A13.50 postage
Rainforest trees of mainland south-eastern Australia Rainforest trees of mainland south-eastern Australia second edition
A.G. Floyd

Price $A75.00 plus $A13.50 postage
Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia, Seventh Edition
Harold Cogger

Price $A150.00 plus $A13.50 postage
Temperate woodland conservation Temperate woodland conservation and management
Edited by David Lindenmayer, Andrew Bennett and Richard Hobbs

Price $A89.95 plus $A13.50 postage
Tracks, scats and other Tracks, scats and other traces - a field guide to Australian mammals, revised edition
Barbara Triggs

Price $A49.95 plus $A13.50 postage


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