Australian weed management systems
Australian weed management systems

Edited by Brian M. Sindel


Published in 2000 by R.G. and F.J. Richardson, soft cover, section sewn, 506 pages


OUT of PRINT - second edition due 2015/16


ISBN 0958743940 or ISBN 9780958743945

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Weeds are a highly successful component of most Australian ecosystems. These include arable and grazing lands, forests, rangelands and aquatic habitats. Weeds poison and injure livestock, contaminate produce, interfere with the growth and harvesting of crops, and reduce the productivity of pastures. Moreover, weeds restrict access to, and reduce the conservation value of national parks and other natural ecosystems. This book provides the principles to help you manage weeds effectively and economically.


Australian weed management systems presents weed management systems from an Australian perspective. It discusses the threat that weeds pose and their impact on the Australian economy. It examines the tactics and capabilities that allow weeds to be as successful as they are. All available methods for their control and management are examined in detail including physical, chemical and biological systems. The question 'How well have Australians managed to integrate weed control and what is the cost of doing so?' is answered. Weed management strategies are devised for cropping systems, pastures, vegetables, orchards and vineyards, lawns and turf, plantation forests, rangelands and aquatic systems. The book concludes with a discussion of the challenges being faced and future directions for weed management.


If you are a land manager or advisor, university or college student, postgraduate, lecturer, extension worker or researcher, then this book is for you. It is the first complete exposition of weed management systems written in Australia for Australians. The authors are all leaders in their respective fields and represent all States of Australia. The Cooperative Research Centre for Weed Management Systems had the vision for this book and has provided financial backing for its production.


About the editor


Brian Sindel is Senior Lecturer in Weed Science at the University of New England (UNE) where his research focuses on the ecology and management of weeds. Prior to joining UNE he spent several years with CSIRO developing Australian native grasses for revegetation of degraded land. He also currently heads up the tertiary education subprogram in the Cooperative Research Centre for Weed Management Systems.


Table of contents




Part 1. Introduction to weeds

    1. Weeds and their impact - Brian M. Sindel

Part 2. The ascendancy of weeds and their place in the system

    2. Weed invasion, distribution and succession - John K. Scott

    3. Weed ecology and population dynamics - Andy W. Sheppard

    4. Weed interference - Gurjeet S. Gill and Rob M. Davidson

Part 3. Available control techniques

    5. Principles of regional weed management, legislation and quarantine - Richard J. Carter

    6. Tillage and other physical management methods - James E. Pratley

    7. Cultural management methods - Deirdre Lemerle and Clare E. Murphy

    8. Grazing management methods - Douglas A. Friend and David R. Kemp

    9. Classical biological control - David T. Briese

    10. Inundative biological control of weeds - the bioherbicide tactic - Cheryl F. McRae and Bruce A. Auld

    11. Herbicide mode of action and herbicide resistance - Christopher Preston

    12. Application and fate of herbicides in the environment - John H. Kent and Christopher Preston

Part 4. Historical and economic perspectives on weed management

    13. The history of integrated weed management - Brian M. Sindel

    14. The Economics of Weed Control - Randall E. Jones

Part 5. Devising the strategies

    15. Crop weed management systems - Stephen B. Powles and David G. Bowran

    16. Weed management in pasture systems - Peter M. Dowling, David L. Michalk and Brian M. Sindel

    17.Environmental weed management systems - John A. Vranjic, Richard H. Groves and Anthony J. Willis

    18. Vegetable weed management systems - Craig W.L. Henderson and Andrew C. Bishop

    19. Tree crop and viticultural weed management systems - Kerry C. Harrington

    20. Weed management in lawns and sports turf - Gary W. Beehag

    21. Weed management in plantation forests - Michael F. Hall

    22. Weed management in Australian rangelands - Anthony C. Grice

    23. The management of aquatic weeds - David S. Mitchell and Jann E. Williams

Part 6. The future

    24. Challenges and future approaches to weed management - Stephen W. Adkins and Steven R. Walker

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