Field guide to eucalypts
Field guide to eucalypts Volume 2: South western and southern Australia, third edition


This volume has been fully revised and updated. Published by Bloomings Books in December 2016, hardback, 562 pages.
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ISBN 9780992290023


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Australia is one of the few countries in the world which is generally associated with a single group of plants, namely the eucalypts. The genus Eucalyptus includes almost a third of these occurring in south-eastern Australia in the crescent from the top of Spencer Gulf around to the northern New South Wales border, including Tasmania. Nearly three hundred of the known species and subspecies in the area are included in this volume and each is described and illustrated.

In each description the more important features are emphasized by the use of bolder type, and colour photographs show the tree or mallee and its bark, buds and fruit. The botanical terms used throughout are explained and illustrated in the introduction and defined in the glossary.


Field guide to eucalypts Volume 1

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Field Guide to Eucalypts Volume 2 third edition

This volume contains the most remarkable of the regional collections and in particular, features the colourful eucalypts of Western Australia, which are extensively used for landscaping throughout much of Australia.

This extensively revised edition covers species indigenous to the southern part of WA below 26 degrees latitude, and all of South Australia, and NSW north and west of the Darling River. Important features are emphasized in bold and colour illustrations show the tree or mallee and its bark, buds and fruit. Botanical terms are explained and illustrated. Since the first edition of 1990, many new species were discovered and existing names changed.


Field Guide to Eucalypts Volume 3

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Table of contents

About the authors


Ian Brooker (deceased 2016) was a world authority on Eucalyptus taxonomy and discovered and described many new eucalypt species. He had more than thirty years experience as a botanist at the Australian National University, Western Australian Herbarium and CSIRO and published widely.


David Kleinig has become proficient in distinguishing between species of Eucalyptus through his work in the collection of seed. For nearly twenty years he was in the Seed Section of CSIRO Division of Forest Research in Canberra being involved in seed and botanical collections as well as photographic expeditions for several CSIRO publications. David has been associated with Ian in the discovery of new eucalypt species.


As a skilled photographer he has contributed the many colour photographs of the species featured in this book. He is now self-employed, living in Canberra, and is involved in the collection and export of native tree seed (largely Eucalyptus and Acacia) for plantation establishments in numerous overseas countries.