Effect of foliar pubescence on oviposition by Phthorimaea operculella Zeller (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

G.M. Gurr, Orange Agricultural College, The University of Sydney, PO Box 883, Orange, New South Wales 2800, Australia.


In choice tests leaves of the wild potato species Solanum pinnatisectum and S. chacoense were significantly less preferred as oviposition sites by the potato tuber moth (Phthorimaea operculella) than those of a third wild species, S. polytrichon, and the cultivated potato S. tuberosum ssp. tuberosum cv. Tarago. Oviposition was found to be significantly correlated with foliar pubescence. Results are discussed in relation to published work on glandular trichomes, breeding for resistance and effect on biological control parasitoids.


Plant Protection Quarterly (1995) 10 (1) 17-19.