An investigation into the effects of redlegged earth mite (Halotydeus destructor (Tucker)) and lucerne flea (Sminthurus viridis (Linnaeus)) on the performance of subterranean clover in annual pasture in southern New South Wales

P.D. Slater, D. Lewington and J.E. Pratley, Centre for Conservation Farming, Charles Sturt University, PO Box 588, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales 2678, Australia.


Management of Halotydeus destructor and Sminthurus viridis in 1991 using omethoate (Le-mat®) whilst not influencing total pasture shoot dry matter production, maintained subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum)at 36% of pasture shoot biomass whereas subterranean clovercomprised only 9% of untreated pasture shoot biomass by late spring. Seed size and seed set in 1991 and subsequent emergence of subterranean clover in 1992 were significantly reduced by failure to protect subterranean clover from these pests: seed size by 12%, seed set by 42% and seedling emergence by 62%.


Plant Protection Quarterly (1996) 11 (1) 6-8.