Spiny emex (Emex australis) in the cropping zone of New South Wales

Deirdre Lemerle, Agricultural Research Institute, NSW Agriculture, CRC for Weed Management Systems, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales 2650, Australia.


Spiny emex is most prevalent in the western, central and northern regions of the wheat-belt. Generally, it is spreading slowly but sudden dramatic increases can occur, especially after droughts or wet summers and autumns. There are no recent data on the distribution of emex in New South Wales, or its impact on crops and pasture. In heavy infestations, it is a strong competitor against crops and reduces pasture production, especially in lucerne. It damages the feet and mouths of farm animals. It is easy to control in pasture and cereal crops with herbicides, but no chemicals are registered for control in canola or safflower. Recommendations for future research are given.


Plant Protection Quarterly (1996) 11 (4) 154.