Early intervention: the process

Roger Spencer, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and National Herbarium, Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra, Victoria 3141, Australia.


An account is given of the procedures recommended for the identification and recording of weeds for lodgement as voucher specimens in the National Herbarium of Victoria. Attention is drawn to the importance of voucher specimens as permanent historical records. A summary of resources at the National Herbarium of Victoria that may be of assistance to weed recognition and recording is given. Suggestions are made for the improvement of inter-departmental communication and weed collections in the Herbarium. The Greenlife Database™ is recommended as Australia's most extensive cross-referencing source of the full range of plant names and as a list of names linked to growers/suppliers that would be useful as an early warning system for potential problems.


Plant Protection Quarterly (1999) 14 (3) 116-117.