Biotechnology - what is it and what can it achieve?

Steve Sutherland, Weeds Agronomist, NSW Agriculture, Agricultural Research Institute, PMB Wagga Wagga, New South Wales 2650, Australia.


My role in NSW Agriculture is to encourage the adoption of integrated weed management (IWM). The central objective of this work is to have farmers and extension agronomists manage herbicide resistance. Since genetically modified organism (GMO) crops offer a range of potential benefits and risks to producers in an IWM context, this paper will cover the topic at more or less the farm level.

I have compiled this paper using a number of sources, including newspaper reports, the media policy on GMOs for NSW Agriculture and an Australian Oilseeds Federation publication entitled 'Genetically modified oilseeds'.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2000) 15 (2) 67-68.