Herbicides for broom (Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link): testing alternatives to Grazon®

Craig Hore, Alpine National Park, Parks Victoria, PO Box 20, Bright, Victoria 3741, Australia.


Grazon® is registered for control of broom (Cytisus scoparius) and is used widely by Parks Victoria. Because of its volatility, however, Grazon cannot be used in close proximity to crops (such as grapes or tobacco), waterways and residential areas. An alternative registered herbicide for broom that can be used in such situations was required. This paper describes field trials that were conducted to determine effectiveness of Roundup® and Roundup Biactive®. As a result of this study Roundup and Roundup Biactive have been registered for control of broom.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2000) 15 (4) 167-168.