The effect of cutting on the survival Mimosa pigra and its application to the use of blade ploughing as a control method

T.J. Schatz, CSIRO Entomology, Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre, PMB 44, Winnellie, NT 0822, Australia.


Knowledge about how individual plants respond to damage can be applied to help develop more effective physical control methods. To this end the response of mimosa (Mimosa pigra L.) to various cutting regimes was observed. Cutting plants off at about 10 cm below ground level was 100% effective in killing plants, however cutting plants off at ground level or 15 cm above ground level resulted in most plants resprouting. This means that physical control methods which cut or break mimosa off at ground level or above (such as slashing or chaining) will not kill a high proportion of plants. Blade ploughing is one method of physical control that cuts plants off below ground level. It was found to be very effective in killing mimosa but some modifications to machinery are required for blade ploughing of mimosa to be an efficient physical control method. The possible role and advantages of blade ploughing in the integrated management of mimosa are discussed.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2001) 16 (2) 50-54.