Native plants as environmental weeds on the Mornington Peninsula

Scott Coutts, Parks Victoria, PO Box 400, Rosebud, Victoria 3936, Australia.

The Mornington Peninsula features a surprising variety of vegetation types and landforms from coastal saltmarsh, wet-lands, coastal scrub and heathlands to foothill forests, riparian forests and rural landscapes. Many sites and species of international, national, state and regional significance are present. The fact that it is close to Melbourne and attracts many visitors to the natural and cultural features, and that it has many linear parks with rural and urban interfaces, creates major challenges in natural resource management. This is particularly the case when managing the many diverse Parks and Reserves on the Mornington Peninsula which include Mornington Peninsula National Park, French Island National Park, Arthurs Seat State Park and Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve. These Parks and Reserves comprise a great diversity of vegetation communities and over 15 ecological vegetation class's (EVC's).


Plant Protection Quarterly (2001) 16 (3) 127-128.