The identification and distribution of Western Cape form of bridal creeper (Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce) in the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria

Robin B. ColesA, Katrina L. WillingA, John G. ConranB and Dennis GannawayC

A Rural Solutions SA, Animal and Plant Control, Lenswood Research Centre, Swamp Road, Lenswood, South Australia 5240, Australia.

B Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity, School of Earth and Environmental Science, DP 312, The University of Adelaide, South Australia 5005, Australia.

C Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation, Animal and Plant Control Group, GPO Box 2834, Adelaide, South Australia 5064, Australia.


Two distinct forms of bridal creeper, Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce are now present in the South East of South Australia and the lower Western District of Victoria. The 'Western Cape' form has been recently recorded, whilst the common form is widespread in the region. The Western Cape form is restricted to the winter-rainfall region in South Africa and its known distribution in Australia has been mapped. Morphological features distinguishing it from common bridal creeper are described.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2006) 21 (3) 104-108.