Climate-based prediction of potential distributions of introduced Asparagus species in Australia

John K. Scott and K.L. Batchelor, CSIRO Entomology, Private Bag 5, PO Wembley, Western Australia 6913, Australia.


The potential distributions of all exotic Asparagus species established in Australia were modelled using CLIMEX. Maps showing native and introduced distributions are compared with the predicted distributions for Asparagus aethiopicus L., A. africanus Lam., A. asparagoides (L.) Druce (widespread and western Cape forms), A. declinatus L., A. densiflorus (Kunth) Jessop, A. officinalis L., A. plumosus Baker, A. scandens Thunb. and A. virgatus Baker. In many cases the models are limited by the lack of information on the species and further study is needed of taxonomy, biology and distribution. The model for the western Cape form of A. asparagoides indicates a much wider distribution than where it is currently found in Australia implying that it should be a priority for further investigation. In contrast the model for the widespread form of A. asparagoides matches most of the observed distribution in Australia. Most of the other Asparagus species have potential distributions covering different regions of Australia and appropriate management strategies should be developed to prevent further invasion.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2006) 21 (3) 91-98.