Long distance dispersal of environmental weeds: potential lessons for community education

Lincoln Kern, Practical Ecology Pty. Ltd., PO Box 228, Preston, Victoria 3072, Australia.


This paper will initially explore the issue of long distance dispersal from suburban gardens of various weeds, primarily berry producing weeds, based on the author's experiences and research. It will begin with several anecdotal case studies that have influenced the author's perspective on the issue of long distance weed dispersal and educational priorities. These environmental weeds with long distance dispersal mechanisms will then be compared with a variety of other environmental weeds that travel much less distance. All of the environmental weed literature designed for community education easily available in the Melbourne metropolitan area is then reviewed to demonstrate that they are not necessarily targeted in the most effective manner. A case will be made for the importance of well targeted educational strategies for the average suburb dweller emphasizing the control of long distance dispersal weeds such as berry producers.

Keywords: Weed dispersal, berry producing plants, community education.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2006) 21 (4) 141-145.