Community weed education initiatives in New South Wales: getting school children involved

Alyssa SchembriA, Royce HoltkampB, Hillary CherryC, Julie HaeuslerD and Jane WestD

A NSW Department of Primary Industries, Orange Agricultural Institute, Forest Road, Orange, New South Wales 2800, Australia.

B NSW Department of Primary Industries;

C National Bitou Bush and Boneseed Coordinator, NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change;

D NSW Department of Education and Training, Centre for Learning Innovation.

In these days of mounting cutbacks, funding the successful introduction and deployment of weed biological control agents has become increasingly difficult. One of the most successful strategies for achieving deployment success has been coordinating the involvement of community interest groups. Input from these groups has varied from assistance with site selection to rearing and releasing agents as well as monitoring the impact of agents at selected sites.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2008) 23 (1) 42-43.