Where and how much? A spreadsheet that allocates surveillance effort for a weed

Cindy Hauser, Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis, School of Botany, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3010, Australia.


In this paper I present a spreadsheet that implements the spatial surveillance prioritization methodology developed by Hauser and McCarthy (2009). They couch surveillance planning within a cost-benefit framework to identify both how much investment is justifiable to detect a weed and how that investment should be distributed across a heterogeneous landscape. The methodology partitions the landscape into homogenous sites with the optimal allocation depending on the probability that the weed is present, the ease of weed detection, and the benefits of weed detection at each site. A surveillance plan can be calculated for an arbitrarily large number of sites, limited only by the spreadsheet’s row capacity.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2009) 24 (3) 94-97.