Efficacy of herbicides on weedy Sporobolus grasses in the glasshouse in Australia

Wayne D. Vogler, Biosecurity Queensland, Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, PO Box 187, Charters Towers, Queensland 4820, Australia.


Twenty three herbicides including the current registered herbicides were screened for activity on pre-emergent, juvenile and mature plants of the weedy Sporobolus grass species Sporobolus pyramidalis P.Beauv. and Sporobolus fertilis (Steud.) Clayton. No new herbicides trialled effectively controlled mature plants. Propaquizafop, fluazifop-P-butyl, flupropanate, haloxyfop-R-methyl ester, glyphosate-ipa and clethodim + haloxyfop-R-methyl ester mix showed good activity on juvenile plants while atrazine, flupropanate, dithiopyr and imazapyr where effective as pre-emergent herbicides. Further work needs to be done to define the recommended application rates for juvenile and pre-emergent plant stages and to determine the selectivity of these herbicides on native and exotic pasture grasses.

Key words: Sporobolus, weeds, herbicide efficacy.


Plant Protection Quarterly (2010) 25 (1) 9-14.