Plant Protection Quarterly

Volume 10 Issue 2, 1995




Second national workshop on redlegged earth mite, lucerne flea and blue oat mite proceedings

Editorial statement.

Garrick McDonald and Ary A. Hoffmann.


Redlegged earth mite performance on resistant subterranean clover varieties.

T.J. Ridsdill-Smith, Y. Jiang, K.R. Gaull and D.J. Gillespie.


Selection for redlegged earth mite resistance in annual Medicago species.

A.W.H. Lake and J.H. Howie.


Preparing subterranean clovers for future biotechnology: molecular analysis of genes and proteins involved in stress and defence reactions and the construction of transgenic plants.

J.J. Weinman, M.A. Djordjevic, E.H. Creaser, C.G.R. Lawson, K. Broderick, U. Mathesius, E. Gärtner, C. Pittock, J. de Majnik and B.G. Rolfe.


Systematic studies of redlegged earth mite Halotydeus destructor (Tucker) and related species (Acarina: Penthaleidae).

T.K. Qin and R.B. Halliday.


The biology and behaviour of redlegged earth mite and blue oat mite on crop plants.

Garrick McDonald, Kylie Moritz, Eve Merton and A.A. Hoffmann.


Biological control of redlegged earth mite and lucerne flea by the predators Anystis wallacei and Neomologus capillatus.

Phil Michael.


Biological control of earth mites in pasture using endemic natural enemies.

David G. James.


The use of synthetic acaricides as tools for management of redlegged earth mite in crop and pasture systems in southern Australia.

G.R. Tucker, P. Collingwood, O. Hildebrand and W. McCormack.


Effects of pasture pest damage and grazing management on efficiency of animal production.

M. Grimm, P. Michael, M. Hyder and P. Doyle.


Cultural control of redlegged earth mite, blue oat mite and lucerne flea in canola.

Eve Merton, Garrick McDonald and Ary Hoffmann.


The value of reducing redlegged earth mite damage in pastures and the impact on optimal farm strategies for the great southern region of Western Australia.

J.M. Young, T.J. Ridsdill-Smith, D.J. Gillespie and P.J. Michael.



Human involvement in the spread of noxious weeds: what plants should be declared and when should control be enforced?

F.D. Panetta and J.C. Scanlan


Research reports

Leucoptera spartifoliella Hübner as a biological control agent for broom in New Zealand.

P. Syrett and H.M. Harman