Plant Protection Quarterly

Volume 18 Issue 2, 2003




Research reports

A survey of the weed status and management of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit in Queensland, Australia.

H. Max Shelton, Scott A. Dalzell and Fiona L. McNeill.  Abstract


Effects of temperature and moisture on the persistence of terbuthylazine in two Malaysian agricultural soils.

B.S. Ismail and O. Dan-Lin.  Abstract


Current status of the red coconut scale, Furcaspis oceanica Lindinger (Homoptera: Diaspididae) and its parasitoid, Adelencyrtus oceanicus Doutt (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), in Guam.

R. Muniappan, Jesse Bamba, Junard Cruz and G.V.P. Reddy.  Abstract


Field trials of the efficacy of 'Grain 96-1': a methyl anthranilate bird repellent.

Barry Kentish, Dean Robertson and Ian Temby.  Abstract


Seminar proceedings: Herbicide use in natural vegetation

Herbicide registration, off-label use and understanding labels.

Alan Roberts.  (No abstract)


Spray drift within natural vegetation, legislation and reality.

Jim Stranger.  (No abstract)


Herbicide use in natural vegetation - the problems faced by local government, implementation and the importance of record keeping.

Katrina Roberg.  (No abstract)


Off-label advice within natural situations, including riparian zones.

Nigel Ainsworth.  (No abstract)


Problems with controlling weeds on roadsides: case studies on the control of Spanish heath and whisky grass in East Gippsland.

Kingsley Sexton.  Abstract


Environmental weed treatment in Melbourne's water catchment.

Miles Stewart-Howie.  (No abstract)


Herbicide control of exotic grasses in south-east Australian native grasslands: case study with serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma).

Bram Mason and Colin Hocking.  Abstract


The implementation of weed control on Phillip Island.

Kellie Nichols and Derek Hibbert.  Abstract


Weed control in establishing native tree species.

I.B. Tomkins.  Abstract


Mobility of herbicides applied to hard surfaces in riparian zones.

Michael Williamson and Nigel Ainsworth.  Abstract


Weeds in wild places - managing environmental compliance.

Chris Knight.  (No abstract)


Book reviews

Verticordia - the turner of hearts by Elizabeth George

Seeds of concern - the genetic manipulation of plants by David R. Murray

Weed ecology in natural and agricultural systems by B.D. Booth, S.D. Murphy and C.J. Swanton

Bushland weeds. A practical guide to their management. With case studies from the Swan Coastal Plain and beyond by Kate Brown and Kris Brooks

87 - 88