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Incorporating RG and FJ Richardson, publishers and resellers of books related to weeds, their management and the natural environment,

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Our latest and most popular books


Weeds of the south east Weeds of the south-east - an identification guide for Australia.Third edition
F.J. Richardson, R.G. Richardson, R.C.H. Shepherd

New and enlarged edition. Still our best seller, this book describes over 2500 plant species and is illustrated with over 3000 colour photographs. An ideal weed identification text.

Price $79.95 plus $A13.50 postage
Plants of Western New South Wales Plants of Western New South Wales
G.M. Cunningham, W.E. Mulham, P.L. Milthorpe and J.H. Leigh

Originally published in 1992, this popular edition has been reprinted. This book grew from the long experience and expertise which the authors acquired in the arid and semi-arid pastoral areas of the State

Price $A180.00 plus $A13.50 postage
Is that plant poisonous Is that plant poisonous? An Australian field guide for livestock, pets and people
R.C.H. Shepherd

Many plants on farms, bush blocks, roadsides and in gardens are poisonous. This book aids their identification and describes their toxic effects.

$A 55.00 plus postage