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Providing information on weed identification, weed management and control including both environmental and agricultural weeds.

Incorporating RG and FJ Richardson, publishers and resellers of books related to weeds, their management and the natural environment,

and Plant Protection Quarterly, an Australian journal that publishes original papers on all aspects of plant protection.

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Global compendium of weeds A global compendium of weeds
R.P. (Rod) Randal

What is the weed potential of a plant? This book will give you a report on its status.

$A 20.00 plus postage. While stocks last!
Plants of importance Plants of importance to Australia: a checklist
R.C.H. Shepherd, R.G. Richardson, F.J. Richardson

A list of botanical names plus common names for weeds, crop plants, vegetables, orchard species and trees, also includes authority and prefered common name.

$A 10.00 plus postage. While stocks last!
13th Australian Weeds Conference 13th Australian Weeds Conference proceedings
Edited by H. Spafford Jacob, J. Dodd and J.H. Moore

Published in 2002 by Plant Protection Society of WA., soft cover, 764 pages
Price $A20.00 plus postage.